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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  February 19, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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news. take a look. this is one of their ships, it has been sitting here for days. it will carry lots of cargo to the u.s. but the port worksers on the east coast, and gulf -- workers on the east coast and gulf coast and mexico and canada. sheriff joei don't -- vice president joe biden talked about the importance of ports. >> what people don't know is we are still the largest manufacture in the world, the united states. bigger than china and we are growing and we are growing. so we need this port and ports like the all over the united states of america. >> reporter: meanwhile on the west woes the secretaries of labor -- west coast can the secretaries of labor and commerce canceled a news conference. oakland mayor mayor libby schaaf? >> we may permanently lose business to our west coast
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ports. this business can go to vancouver, mexico, ports on the gulf, this is serious. >> reporter: the hold up appears to be whether longshoremen can terminate arbitrators they don't like, want or have confidence in. >> we try not to have non- economic issues be at the forefront of disagreement. we should be able to work that out. >> the port of oakland invested millions in making sure it is equipped enough to handle the newest generations of bigger container ships. >> there are 70,000 jobs in the bay area that depend on the port of oakland. if it isn't settled soon they will divert their cargo. when that happens jobs at the port of oakland will be at risk. >> reporter: despite the
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intervention, the longshoremen closed down the port again today. a monthly meeting was set for the morning closing the ports. the effect, in effective. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. >> a bad situation getting worse. thank you. ports along the west coast are reporting a drop in volume. seattle and tacoma say january imports fell 21% compared to last year. the port of long beach says volume dropped 24% and this week the port of oakland said imports fell 39% last month. new at 6:00 p.m. a retired police officer behind bars accused in a drive-by shooting that left bullet holes in a home. the former police officer was targeting his estranged wife. ktvu's john sasaki with what investigators say happened one
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week before that may have triggered the shooting. >> reporter: the contra costa county jail in martinez has an inmate that is more uncomfortable than most. >> a retired police officer. >> he is charged with attempted murder. the victim? his estranged wife. >> why the district attorney felt strongly and filed the attempted murder charge. >> reporter: on january 28 investigators say he drove to his wife's house and opened fire. >> i don't know if it was from a vehicle or if he got out. >> reporter: this is the bedroom. you can see based on the bullet pattern how close she came. he is charged with stocking his wife, making threats and shooting into a occupied dwelling. a week earlier he threatened to kill her. >> that is a trigger. >> she runs the group families
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free of violence. 1-4 families is effected by domestic violence. among law enforcement families it is 40% more common. perhaps higher because of unreported cases. >> many police officers wifes won't come forward because it is so dangerous. and because they are afraid. >> i can't speak for him, it could be signs of possible mental illness or some police officers might suffer from posttraumatic stress disorder. >> he was a police officer for 15 years before taking a medical retirement in 2009. he worked patrol and as a canine officer. >> he was uncooperative during the investigation into the matter and had to be apprehended. >> reporter: he is held on $1.000000 bail. in martinez, john sasaki, ktvu fox 2 news. a former sheriff's deputy
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is facing new charges tonight. he was already charged with conspiring to smuggling smart phones and drugs to inmates, now he is accused of election fraud during a run for sheriff as a write in candidate. prosecutors say he lied and accused of embezzling campaign funds. he pleaded not guilty. san jose police announced they arrested two suspects in connection with the killing of a security guard last week. he was working at the restaurant and nightclub saturday night when a robbery occurred at store next door. he rushed over to help and that is when someone in a car opened fire. he died at the hospital. police have surveillance video but they say right now they are not releasing more information about the people who have been arrested. mike honda is getting a lot of attention tonight over a tweet about his transgender
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grandchild. the tweet includes a picture of mike honda and the grandchild. it reads: as the proud grandpa of a transgender grandchild, i hope she can feel safe at school without fear of being bullied. mike honda spoke to us today about her. >> people say that she was born a boy. the gender was put on her by the doctors. she was born melissa. she identified herself when she could speak as a girl. >> mike honda tells us he wasn't trying to make a political statement but he hoped it would get people thinking. he is the chairman of the anti- bullying caucus. and that tweet from mike honda is sparking a conversation tonight about what it means to be transgender, also how to talk about that. ktvu's noelle walker shows us
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there are shifting attitudes about gender. >> when school ends and play time begins she watches her daughter and smiles. >> just so happy in who she is confident in who she is and that is really what i want for my child. >> reporter: her daughter didn't always wear dresses and pink backpacks. >> the signs were there. >> reporter: this daughter was once her son. [ indiscernible ] >> she said mama, i am not a boy, i am a girl. i want to be called a girl. >> reporter: she is the only opening transgender kid in her charter school. >> she always has no memory she was ever identified as a boy because she never identified as
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a boy. >> reporter: studies shown the more transgender are accepted, the better they do later in life. >> helping their children understand that there are lots of ways to be a boy or a girl. >> he helps schools reframe gender issues and improve access to follow california law. >> asking questions about preferred pronouns. beginning to create facilities that are gender neutral for the use of rest rooms. >> in the media, brad pitt and angelina jolie ared aing to the conversation. >> every time there is a -- are adding to the conversation. >> every time there is a recognition by public figures they are creating space for other people to follow. for this kid to blaze trail in cowboy boots and dresses.
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>> i have no doubt. >> reporter: she told me her biggest worry was reading transgender people have higher rates of bullying and suicide and as a parent that would be terrifying. >> let me ask you, in these cases we are talking about young kids. mikemike honda's grandchild was 8, that girl was 5. how do you know when it is a stage or real? >> reporter: phases pass. children role play, play dress up but they go away. when it is insistent and persistent it is something you need to pay attention to and listen to. >> this mother said she started noticing things as early as two. >> reporter: the kids know
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between 19 months and 3 years of age what gender they identify with. this is a bigger conversation for everybody. anyone who is not transgender itopeps up what are -- it opens up what are traditional gender roles. >> fascinating. thank you. >> thank you. officials with covered california are apologizing. it apires incorrect tax forms were sent to 100,000 people who brought insurance. curved california -- covered california is sending out resiled forms and that could take -- revised forms and that could take times. in all the state sent out 800,000 forms. >> senators are getting new cars to use in sacramento. each car will be upgraded to a
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ford fusion hybrid. taxpayer group says it will cost half a million dollars. it is due to an order by governor jerry brown to increase fuel efficiency once older cars are ready to be upgraded but they said many of the cars only have 12,000 miles on them. giving former inmates a second chance. >> i want people who have a not so favorable past to come forward and feel good about themselves. >> how coffee is helping people put their lives back on track. >> all right. [ laughter ] >> not just hockey fans woo are curious about -- who are curious about the transformation of levi stadium, he is wondering as well. >> i am back after the break. fog and low clouds that have been lingering around here, what is coming around the corner.
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law makers are looking to make changes to a proposition in california. prop 47 down graded certain crimes from felonies to misdemeanors. authorities can only make a dna sample from people convicted of felonies. this would allow law enforcement to continue to collect dna from offenders whose crimes were wuerffelanys but -- felonies but are gnomists. they are targeting -- are now misdemeanors. >> most are sexual assaults. think if it was your family. if there is a challenge to catch that individual it is
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through dna. >> the legislation respects the will of the voters and leaves the rules in tact. a business man is trying to change the way society treats former prison inmates and. ktvu's cristina rendon explains how coffee is at the center of this experience. >> reporter: life inside big house beans is a lot different than life inside the big house. the owner says doing time here means employees can enjoy simple pleasures like making coffee and coffee is how he makes a living. beans are roasted till the color is just right. he sells to the public and whole sale to businesses with
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help. it is meaning full work for a former convict who he tired for that reason -- hired for that reason. >> i want people to be able to come forward and feel beabout themselves. not -- good about themselves. >> reporter: he knows exactly what it is like to be in the shoes of an ex-offender. a past of prison by the time he was 22. >> went to san quinten for a high-speed chase. evading the police. >> reporter: he spent 9 years in the prison till he chose to break the cycle. >> it was hard to get a job as an ex-offender. >> reporter: he credits rehab, a mentor and god for changing his life. support poured in and then he
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opened the business. >> went from homeless to hopeful. >> reporter: he wants to pass along the hope. part of the proceeds from big house beans goes to a men's half way house. a recovery house where he lives. >> absolutely changed my life. there is a lot of support in this one little house here. >> reporter: he was homeless for two decades. he is his sponsor. >> the excitement that he has and the vision he has is really exciting to be a part of that. >> reporter: even brought him on as an intern. >> it is fun. to go there and train with john, it is a huge blessing. >> i have seen a light come on in him and a passion. does that mean every day is
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perfect? no. there is still a struggle. >> reporter: but he says they keep pressing through. it is why he is passionate about donating proceeds to help michele -- men and women with rehabilitation efforts. >> i am to embrace them and love them till they learn how to love themselves. >> reporter: that is conversation he likes to have over coffee. >> the community sense that coffee brings is powerful. >> talkingtalking to convicts or customers because he knows how important -- [no audio]
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>> i like that line, went from homeless to hopeful. what a nice story. sometimes you just need a second chance. the weather now, foggy out there. waiting for the fog to burn off and it didn't burn off. >> no burn off. >> great story. temperatures outside today got into the 60s. cooler today. slow burn off hindered the warm up. tomorrow should burn off quicker. i thought it would be gone by
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10:00 a.m., 11:00 a.m. cloudy till noon. the clouds now are lingering around and they will come back tonight. the fog will come back. in the central valley, the coast, and back into repeat mode. what we got yesterday -- what we got today is what we 70s tomorrow. just the best we can do. it does want to put in more 70s. i don't know if we will see
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that money. let's go warmer than it was today. maybe we will see a 70. san francisco, 66 degrees for a high tomorrow. cloudy in the morning. oakland not much warmer. 70 a's pitchers and catchers report to their new facility in arizona. a live report up next in sports.
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a curious crow grabbed the attention of viewers from levi stadium. the camera is theres so people can watch as it is turned into a hockey rink. for now it decided to steal the lime light. the bird took off when the camera started to swivel. >> top that? >> a bird's eye view.
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>> i knew you could come up with something. baseball. the hockey game can wait. the a's, what a strange winner they had. 27 players -- winter they had. 27 players traded in 9 different deals. joe fonzi today down at their camp to check out the scene and get acquainted to what looks like a new roster. >> reporter: not a lot happening for the a's on the field. it was their day for pitchers and catchers to report. they had their physicals. light catch on the field. as you said lots of deals in the off season for the a's. sometimes that says as much about the guy whose are here as the guy whose are no longer here. right now he would be the first man up backed up by josh and that is a vote of confidence from management. >> a great feeling to know that there is trust there. they believe that i could be the guy with josh behind the
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plate. both of us could do it. >> reporter: he is the guy who has to make order out of all the new faces in camp. he has confidence in the process. >> in 2012, you never heard of josh donaldson before and now he is a household name. we probably have a few guys you haven't heard of now and that in a year or so you will hear of them. we evaluate things differently maybe than most teams. but we are excited about the group we have here. >> reporter: the new faces the big story for the a's and i am standing in their new renovated stadium. down the road they have a new training facility, they will have a tour of that tomorrow. nice as you will see. at least they have the spring digs figured out. still working on long term at the coliseum. more tonight at 10:00 p.m.
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reporting live from mesa, joe fonzi, ktvu fox 2 news. >> all right. thank you. appreciate that. yeah. they get their stadium deal together in oakland we will be set. [ talking at the same time ] >> we will hear next couple days about barry zito. curious about that. >> i think that was raven. >> curved beak instead of a crow. >> good eye. similar. >> i would not have known. >> that is it for us everyone. see you at 10:00 p.m. have a good evening. >> good night.
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